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[On-Demand Webinar] Virtual Graphs: The Secret to Data Management in the Hybrid Cloud Era 

The cloud's agility and its promise of vastly reduced costs and increased efficiency has made it a key digital transformation goal for IT leaders. But the journey often requires extensive data transformation, copying and migration, refactoring and re-platforming along the way. Data-driven initiatives are only meaningful if you can access all the data that you need. Virtual graphs, a key component of the Stardog’s platform, are integral in the movement to hybrid cloud. 

Virtual graphs combine the benefits of traditional data virtualization with knowledge graph technology. This flexibility, permits a deeper investigation of connections across any data source in your organization from any location and permanently overcomes data silos. Virtual graphs also help you take a truly vendor agnostic data management stance as you tackle the complex and evolving data landscape, making it a highly scalable solution. 

While virtualization provides a host of benefits, sometime you still want to ingest data. Stardog’s platform supports virtualization and materialization so you can choose what’s best for your data requirements. 

Key Learnings: 

Why virtual graph is different than traditional virtualization and how Stardog helps you virtualize your data

Best practices for choosing virtualization or materialization 

How organizations like NASA and Morgan Stanley are using virtual graphs to drive business agility

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