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Solving Data Challenges in 

Financial Services 

What is a knowledge graph and why data lineage is a critical element to understand organizational data
How knowledge graphs can help you track, analyze, and index data to mitigate risk and enable firm-wide data management 
How global financial institutions have transformed their legacy data architecture 

Financial institutions have seen an enormous growth due to rapid globalization, but these successful expansions have come at the price of increased complexity and systemic risk. Unfortunately, most financial institutions cannot aggregate risk quickly and accurately at the bank group level, across business lines, or between legal entities. 

The unification of distributed, heterogeneous data is essential to ensure financial institutions adequately measure and manage financial risk. Knowledge graphs allow large enterprises to connect, query, and retrieve data of all structures, schemas, and velocities. Register for this webinar to learn how to take the pain out of connecting your data.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

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Meet our Speakers:

Mike Grove, Founder & VP of Engineering, Stardog 

Jacobus Geluk, CTO,; Former Head of Enterprise Knowledge Graph Architecture Team at BNY Mellon; Former Senior Data Architect at Bloomberg