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[On-demand Webinar] How Financial Services are Modernizing Enterprise Architecture with Knowledge Graphs

The basic building blocks of knowledge graphs – identification, conceptual modeling, W3C standards and executable business rules
Foundational use cases and case studies about how global financial institutions like FINRA, Capital One, Morgan Stanley and BNY Mellon are making their business more agile using knowledge graphs
How to get started with knowledge graph technology for both business and technology professionals

Financial service leaders face accelerating change – driven by regulatory compliance, the need for cost-optimization and the value of digital transformation.  The common element in all these trends is the growing complexity of data. One thing (however) is crystal clear.  We are not going to solve the problems of data fragmentation by managing rigid ETL processes or force fitting data into proprietary data models.  Financial enterprises must unify their data to analyze complex relationships and find hidden insights.  

The pathway to success lies in the adoption of knowledge graph technology - which is designed for highly interconnected data no matter its source or format. 

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Meet our Speakers:

Mike Grove, Founder & VP of Engineering, Stardog

Jacobus Geluk, CTO,; Former Head of Enterprise Knowledge Graph Architecture Team at BNY Mellon

Mike Atkin, Principal Advisor,

In this webinar, we'll cover: