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[On-Demand Webinar] Ending Data Silos: How Knowledge Graphs Make Data Unification Affordable

How to unify data silos regardless of source and type
How Knowledge Graphs can help where data lakes and MDMS don't
A deep dive into our Knowledge Toolkit which powers Stardog to go beyond just a plain graph database 

Every large enterprise has data silos. And they've used data lakes and master data management systems to limit the impact of silos, to mixed success. More recently, leading enterprises have been implementing Stardog's Knowledge Graph Platform to enable fast, affordable, flexible data unification. In this demo, we'll give you a detailed look at Stardog's approach to the Knowledge Graph, and how multiple Fortune 500 companies are extracting more value from their data.

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Meet our Knowledge Graph Experts:

Michael Grove, Co-founder & VP of Engineering, Stardog Union

Ameen Mirdamadi, Director of Solutions Engineering, Stardog Union