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Managing Complex Data: Knowledge Graphs & Data Visualization

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Managing enterprise data is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. Not only is data often siloed, poorly documented and not well understood, but the increasing variety of data types makes it difficult to get a unified view. Data complexity has become a management challenge unto itself, without clearly defined relationships between data, understanding an organization's data landscape requires significant resources and time. Frequently, these problems are compounded by interim solutions, which only create additional copies of data, exacerbating an already onerous process.  

Enterprises are now turning to techniques first pioneered in the consumer space to manage their complex data landscapes. “Knowledge Graphs” which have been used for years by Google to map the web, Facebook to map interpersonal relationships, and LinkedIn to map professional relationships, are being put to work more and more in the enterprise. The mappings these relationships represent (data lineage) are fast becoming a top priority for businesses to gain invaluable insight into their data, enabling organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs and become more agile.

In this webinar, we explain: 

Our Presenters

Philip Dutton, Co-Founder, Solidatus

Ameen Mirdamadi, Director of Solutions Engineering, Stardog Union

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How Fortune 500 companies are using these technologies to achieve a single, well understood view of siloed data
What a Knowledge Graph is and why data lineage is a critical element to understand organizational data 
Tricks of the trade on deploying Knowledge Graphs within your enterprise 
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