AI and ML in Knowledge Graphs

Tuesday, May 7th  |  Workbar Cambridge, MA, 6-8pm

Stardog is visiting Cambridge to meet with local users and talk about logical vs statistical AI methods and how they apply to knowledge graphs. RSVP below to join us on May 7th, we’ll have food from Pita Cambridge and drinks from Lamplighter Brewing Company — friends and colleagues welcome! 

Evren Sirin, Stardog Chief Scientist and a creator of the open source Pellet reasoner, will kick off with an overview of knowledge graphs and their capabilities before diving into logical and statistical reasoning capabilities in Stardog. He’ll live demo in our Sandbox environment to show how ontologies, rules, and ML methods can be used to infer and predict new relationships in a knowledge graph. 

Anything you’re particularly excited to learn about? Send us a tweet @StardogHQ ahead of the event, we’d love to hear from you.

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45 Prospect St  Cambridge, MA 02139

Meet the Speaker:

Evren Sirin, Founder & Chief Scientist, Stardog 

Evren has been working on semantic technologies since 2001. As one of the lead developers of Stardog, he holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park. He currently lives outside Boston with his wife, daughter, and twin sons.